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Lucania Velia c. 300-280 B.C. Didrachm or Stater VF -- #AC86216

AR Didrachm or Stater 21mm. 7.50g.

Head of Athena, r., wearing Attic helmet with winged Nike in quadriga; FILISTIWNOS on crest-holder; (theta) - E to either side.

Lion crouching l. holding sword in mouth and r. paw; above, Dioscuri to l., F - I to either side; In ex.: UELHTWN

SNG Copenhagen 1573

VF. Rare. 'Philistion group.' Nicely toned with glossy high points. Good metal. Weakly struck at centers, typical of the type. The name 'Philistion' hidden upon the crest-holder of Athena's helmet refers to the die engraver himself. It seems Philistion typically signed his dies 'F-I' (phi-iota), as on the reverse die used on this example and most other 'Philistion group' coins. But this obverse die is one of the few examples of his (or his workshop's) full name on a die. Rare and interesting. Includes 1992 Joel Malter auction ticket citing ex. Dr. J. S. Wilkinson collection; lot 104.

$ 1500.00


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