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SPANISH NETHERLANDS Delft 1584 Assassination of William of Orange Jeton Choice AU -- #EX87289

AR Jeton 30mm. 5.96g. Dordrecht

Balthasar Gerards, the assassin, at center, shoots Prince Willem of Orange right; King Philip II, of Spain, standing behind.

Shepherd amid sheep, attacked by wolf.

Dugn. 2996

Choice AU. Deeply struck with proof-like fields and some toning in protected areas. Light hairlines in fields from an old cleaning. Minor die shift. Includes collector's ticket.

William of Orange (William the Silent), 15331584, Dutch statesman, leader of the Dutch Revolt, and founding father of the Dutch Republic was the main leader of the Dutch Revolt against the Spanish Habsburgs. He was shot twice with a pair of pistols by Gerard. Philip II, king of Spain and the Netherlands had offered a reward of 25,000 crowns to anyone who killed William. Afterwards Gerard was tried, convicted, and executed for the crime.

$ 650.00

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