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NEW ZEALAND 1966 Esso Extra Plastic Token Coinage--#RS73045

Set of 6 plastic advertising tokens issued by Esso Extra as a way to introduce the new decimal coinage to Australia and New Zealand. Originally issued in cellophane package stating 'Esso helps you to understand your new decimal currency' (package missing from this set). Set includes cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, and 50 cent tokens.

50 and 5 cent tokens have hairline cracks extending from the center to edge.

$ 30.00

Qty. Available: 1

ROMAN IMPERIAL Lot of eight Roman Imperial AE--#RS71569

Includes: Claudius. Quadrans // Trajan. Semis or quadrans (2) // Licinius II // Constantine I. Bust of Mars reverse // Fausta // Constantius II // Jovian. Mostly Fine-Good Fine

Moderate roughness and adhesions on many.

$ 65.00

Qty. Available: 1

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