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Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt Cleopatra VII and Ptolemy XV Caesarion 44-30 B.C. Tetradrachm Good VF -- #AC94913

AR Tetradrachm 26mm. 13.10g. Alexandria Mint RY1 (37/36 B.C.)

Diademed head of Ptolemy I, r., wearing aegis around neck

Eagle standing l. on thunderbolt, wings closed, palm branch beneath far wing; pellet above eagle's head; LA (date) over headdress of Isis to l., PA to r.

Svoronos 1823 (as Ptolemy XIII); SNG Copenhagen 403

Good VF. Toned with underlying lustre in recesses. Scarce. Uneven strike, as typical for the issue, with subsequent porous spots. Typical flan flaws. ex. Elias Hatoun & Sons of Cairo, Egypt, with 1920s-30s business card with circa handwritten Ptolemaic history note on the reverse.

Elias Hatoun was a famous and well-regarded merchant of antiquities located in the Muski (Mousky) Street Bazaar in the 1890s to 1930s. His company found international esteem when he provided Egyptian antiquities - notably Mamluk furniture - to the 1893 and 1904 World's Fairs in the United States.

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