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Phoenicia Tyre c. 2nd Century B.C.-1st Century A.D. Shekel NGC EF -- #AC85452

AR Shekel 24mm. 13.23g. Tyre Mint Year 176 (50/51 A.D.)

Laureate head of Melkart (Melqart-Herakles) r.

Eagle standing l. on prow, palm-branch over r. shoulder, Phoenician letter 'beth' between legs; POS (date) above club in l. field; KP / EPH monograms in r. field.

RPC I 4675; HGC 10, 357; BMC --

EF. NGC Lightly toned. Some traces of lustre in devices. Some porosity. Die wear on reverse. NGC certified 'XF,' strike 4/5, surface 3/5.

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