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Mysia Kyzikos 450-330 B.C. Hekte (1/6 Stater) Choice EF -- #AC78491

EL Hekte (1/6 Stater) 13mm. 2.70g.

Head of Attis r. with long hair, wearing Phrygian cap, tunny r. below

Quadripartite incuse square.

SNG BN 292; Von Fritze I 142

Choice EF. Multicolor toning with lustre in devices. Perfectly struck with full portrait. Attractive. The elongated flan allowed the entire design to be struck, including the tunny fish which is not present on the vast majority of examples. Includes photo certificate of authenticity issued by David R. Sear in 1998, on which Sear notes 'rare and interesting, a charming piece.' Ex. CNG Auction 40, lot 1029.

$ 3750.00


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