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IRAN Qajar Fath 'Ali Shah ND (1797-1834 AD) Toman Choice EF -- #WC44991


AV Toman 20mm. 6.11g. (Dar al-Sultanat) Tehran mint

Persian inscription within cartouche.

Persian inscription.

Album 2859; KM 739.9

Choice EF.     Some old hoard patina remains. Struck with date off of flan. Approximately 0.1964 AGW.

$ 375.00

Qty. Available: 1

ITALIAN STATES Venice Lodovico Manin ND (1789-1797) Zecchino (Ducat) UNC -- #WC49940


AV Zecchino (Ducat) 23mm. 3.47g.

Trade Coinage

St. Mark nimbate, standing at left presenting staff with cross and DVX vertically at top to doge kneeling at right.

Full-length facing figure of Christ in beaded ellipse lined with stars.

Gamberini 1926; Fr. 1445; KM 755

UNC.     Light cleaning scratches.

$ 395.00


JAPAN M42 (1909) 10 Yen NGC MS-61 -- #WC44531

AV 10 Yen


MS-61.   NGC   Ex Ministry of Finance Hoard, in original red holder.

$ 750.00

Qty. Available: 1

MEXICO United States of Mexico (Estados Unidos) 1906-M 5 Pesos NGC MS-63 -- #WC52425

AV 5 Pesos Mexico City Mint.

Eagle standing facing on cactus, devouring serpent; floral sprays below.

Head left.

KM 464

MS-63.   NGC   A true circulating coin, often found worn and seldom quite this nice.

$ 250.00

Qty. Available: 1

MOROCCO 'Alawi Sharifs Isma'il al-Samin 1672-1727 (dated AH 1122) Bunduqi UNC -- #WC54832

'Alawi Sharifs

AV Bunduqi 21mm. 3.45g. Hazrat Fes (Hadrat Fas) mint, AH 1122 (1710/1711)

Arabic inscription, legend around.

Arabic inscription, legend around.

Album 583; KM 28.1

UNC.     Struck on a narrow flan, but with complete date and mint name.

$ 450.00

Qty. Available: 1

PERU Spanish Colonial Felipe V (Philip V) 1746/4-L V Escudo NGC AU-55 -- #WC50873

AV Escudo 16mm. 3.4g. Lima mint, assayer V

Gold Macuqina

Castle tower, crosses above, date below; L-V flanking.

Jerusalem cross within quadrilobe.

Sellschop L30; Tauler pg. 126, 157; Calico 476; KM 35

AU-55.   NGC   Attractively toned, with no wear evident. Very rare and seldom offered type, with a considerably more desirable overdate.

$ 3950.00


PERU Republic 1842-MB 1/2 Escudo EF -- #WC52693

AV 1/2 Escudo 14mm. 1.66g. Lima Mint.


Round arms of republic.

KM 146.1

EF.     Rare.

$ 375.00

Qty. Available: 1

PERU Republic 1907-LIMA G.OZ.G 1/5 Libra UNC -- #WC45394

AV 1/5 Libra 14mm. 1.60g. Lima mint, assayers: G. OZ. G.

A first strike?

Arms; sun above, floral sprays around.

Bust of Native American chief right, wearing head dress.

Fr. 75; KM 210

UNC.     Prooflike luster, with strong die polish & die clashes, plus a struck through. Light bag marks. A choice example.

$ 165.00


PORTUGAL D. Joao V 'o Magnanimo' 1734 400 Reis = Cruzado Novo (480 Reis) EF -- #WC52513

AV 400 Reis = Cruzado Novo (480 Reis) 14mm. 0.82g. Lisboa (Lisbon) mint

Letras Grandes- large letters

Crowned monogram within wreath.

Jerusalem cross quartered with crosslets fleuronée.

Gomes 85.15; KM 201

EF.     Slightly underweight. Possibly clipped or shaved. Also called a 'Pinto'. John V, 'the magnanimous' reigned 1706-1750.

$ 175.00

Qty. Available: 1

PORTUGAL Pedro V 1861 5000 Reis (Meia Coroa) NGC MS-62 -- #WC51402

AV 5000 Reis (Meia Coroa)

Head right.

Crowned and mantled arms.

Gomes 12.02; KM 505

MS-62.   NGC  

$ 950.00

Qty. Available: 1

PORTUGAL Dom Luis I 1866 2000 Reis Good Fine -- #WC47659

AV 2000 Reis 19mm. 3.45g. Lisboa (Lisbon) mint

'Quinto de Coroa'

Head left.

Crowned arms within laurels; denomination below.

Gomes 13.03; Fr. 151; KM 511

Good Fine.     Light old toning. The scarcest date of a 3-year type. Contains 0.1046 oz AGW.

$ 195.00

Qty. Available: 1

SOUTH AFRICA British Colonial George VI 1952 Proof 1/2 Pound NGC PF-66 -- #WC51002

AV Proof 1/2 Pound Pretoria mint

(1/2 Pond or 1/2 Sovereign)

Head left.

Springbok, right.

Hern S329; KM 42

PF-66.   NGC   A most attractive example.

$ 450.00

Qty. Available: 1

SPAIN Ferdinand VII 1822-Crowned M SR 80 Reales VF -- #WC52694

AV 80 Reales 22mm. 6.71g. Assayer S.R.

De Vellon Coinage.

Head right.

Crowned arms with Order of the Golden Fleece.

VI-1344; Calico 218; FR. 321; KM 564.2


$ 450.00

Qty. Available: 1

TUNISIA Muhammad al-Hadi Bey AH 1321 / 1904-A 20 Francs UNC -- #WC46704

AV 20 Francs 21mm. 6.45g. Paris Mint.

Inscription within sprigs.

Value and date within center circle.

Fr. 12; KM 234

UNC.     0.1867 oz AGW.

$ 425.00

Qty. Available: 1

TURKEY Muhammad V AH 1327 ry3 (1911/1912) 100 kurush AU/UNC -- #WC51428

AV 100 kurush 22mm. 7.17g. Qustantiniyah Mint.

Toughra with 'Reshat' to right, above sprays and crossed quivers.

Arabic inscription and date within wreath.

KM 754


$ 395.00

Qty. Available: 1

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