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SPAIN Valencia Ferdinand & Isabella 1474-1504 Ducat (Excellente) -- #ME54809

AV Ducat (Excellente) 23mm. 3.47g. Valencia mint, Assayers' sigla S-C Struck 1483-1488

Crowned busts of Ferdinand and Isabella vis a vis, with coronet between; sigla S-C below.

Crowned arms of Castille & Leon.
+VALEN o + o x o x o + o MAYORIE.

Burgos et al. 1352; Crusafonte 581-B; Calico 160 (Tipo 149); MEC VI 260 var. (V mint mark); Fr. 82

EF. Choice, realistic portraits. Rare. (The sigla SC are considerably scarcer than SS). A bit wavy, as is usually the case. Coinage of 'Los Reyes Catolicos', Fernando y Isabel. At this time, only Ferdinand had any true power in Valencia, so Isabella appears as a pretender of sorts. The pretense being made here was of a homogenous reign of their Catholic Majesties over Spain in its entirity. Struck under assayers Alfonso Sanchez & Andreus Catala. Ex Archer M. Huntington Collection, Hispanic Society of America, collected circa 1905.

$ 3500.00

Qty. Available: 1

AUSTRALIA George V 1915-S Half Sovereign AU/UNC -- #WC54685

AV Half Sovereign 20mm. 3.98g. Sydney Mint.

1/2 Sovereign

Head left.

St. George on horseback right, riding down dragon.

KM 28

AU/UNC.     0.1177 oz AGW

$ 295.00

Qty. Available: 1

BRAZIL Portuguese Colonial Jose I 1753-R 6400 Reis Near EF -- #WC51619

AV 6400 Reis 31mm. 14.05g. Rio de Janeiro Mint.

Laureate head right.

Crowned arms on ornate shield.

Russo 436; KM 172.2

Near EF.    

$ 1450.00

Qty. Available: 1

BRAZIL Portuguese Colonial Jose I (D. Jose o Reformador) 1771-(L) 1000 Reis (1/4 Moeda) NGC MS-62 -- #WC52422

AV 1000 Reis (1/4 Moeda) Lisboa (Lisbon) mint

'Large size' Josephus Dominus

Crowned arms flanked by denomination to right and crosses to left.

Greek cross fleuronée.

Russo (LDMB) 327, Gomes 60.02, KM 162.3

MS-62.   NGC   NGC Population 1, with 1 example finer for this subtype. This year has three subtypes, this scarce type (4o Tipo= large module, with legend JOSEPHUS DOMINUS) being struck for only two years. English speakers would have known this coin as '1/4 Moidore', a contraction of 'Moeda de Oro'.

$ 1750.00

Qty. Available: 1

BRAZIL Reino Unido (United Reign with Portugal) Dom Joao VI 1820-* 4000 Reis NGC MS-62 -- #WC50864

AV 4000 Reis Rio de Janeiro mint, no mint mark

Greek cross within quadrilobe; beaded circle around.

Crowned armillary sphere with arms before; floral sprays at sides, denomination below.

Gomes 27.06; Russo (ANR) 0584

MS-62.   NGC   Scarce & short lived type. Struck during the period in which Portugal & Brazil were ruled jointly under one constitution, before Brazilian independence from Portuguese Colonial Rule. The Bahia mint coin of this type is distinguished by a different style rosette, and sells for six-figures.

$ 2950.00


CHILE 1857 2 Pesos VF -- #WC46368

AV 2 Pesos

Plumed arms with supporters.

Standing liberty.

KM 132

VF.     .900 fine Gold; 0.0883 oz AGW

$ 210.00

Qty. Available: 1

CHILE 1895-S 5 Pesos AU -- #WC46369

AV 5 Pesos Santiago mint

Head left.

Plumed arms with supporters.

KM 153

AU.     Obverse polished and damage in date. .917 fine Gold; 0.0883 oz AGW

$ 190.00

Qty. Available: 1

CHILE 1926-So 20 Pesos UNC -- #WC46370

AV 20 Pesos Santiago mint

Head left.

Plumed arms with supporters.

KM 168

UNC.     PL fields with cameo devices. Spot on reverse. .900 fine Gold; 0.1177 oz AGW

$ 265.00

Qty. Available: 1

COLOMBIA 1836-RS 1 Peso EF -- #WC46373

AV 1 Peso Bogota mint

Head left.

Fasces between cornucopias.

Sedwick 1; Restrepo 1630; KM 84

EF.     .875 fine Gold; 0.0475 oz AGW

$ 365.00

Qty. Available: 1

COLOMBIA Republic 1925 5 Pesos BU -- #WC51426

AV 5 Pesos 22mm. 7.98g. Medellin mint


Head of Bolivar right.

Flag draped arms surmounted by eagle.

KM 204

BU.     Gem. Low mintage date, only 120,000 for all types.

$ 395.00

Qty. Available: 1

COSTA RICA 1900 2 Colones AU/UNC -- #WC46372

AV 2 Colones Philadelphia mint

National arms.

Bust of Colombus right.

KM 139

AU/UNC.     .900 fine Gold; 0.045 oz AGW

$ 155.00

Qty. Available: 1

FRANCE Louis XVIII, 2nd Restoration 1816-Q 40 Francs AU -- #WC49941

AV 40 Francs 26mm. 12.87g. Perpignan Mint.

Head right.

Crowned arms, denomination flanking; all within wreath.

Mazard 647; Gadoury 1092; Fr. 535; KM 713.5

AU.     Nice luster. Scarce. Small rim nicks. A 1-year mint for this type. Only 11,000 struck.

$ 1250.00

Qty. Available: 1

FRANCE Napoleon III 1855-A 10 Francs VF -- #WC49268

AV 10 Francs 19mm. 3.2g. Paris Mint.

Head right.

Denomination and date within wreath.

KM 784.3


$ 225.00

Qty. Available: 1

FRANCE Napoleonic Napoleon III 1864-A 50 Francs AU -- #WC51982

AV 50 Francs 28mm. 16.17g. Paris Mint.

Laureate head right.

Crowned and mantled arms within order chain surmounting sceptres saltire.

KM 804.1


$ 850.00


GERMAN STATES Hamburg Free City 1807 Dreiling UNC -- #WC52158


AV Dreiling 12mm. 0.70g.

Gold Pattern (Abschlag)


Denomination and date.

Schlumberger 346.19; AKS 31 note; J. 29b note; KM PnA15

UNC.     Bold cameo details on arms. Wavy flan; some hairlines. An Off Metal Strike (OMS) in gold.

$ 395.00


GERMAN STATES Regensburg Imperial Free City ND (After 1741) 1/32 Ducat (Dukat) UNC -- #WC47660


AV 1/32 Ducat (Dukat) 5mm. 0.10g. Regensburg mint

Crowned imperial eagle displayed.

Crossed keys; B below.

Beckenbauer 526; Fr. 2547; KM A325

UNC.     Planchet cut nearly octagonally, thus probably a klippe. Amongst the smallest gold coins to circulate in Europe.

$ 275.00

Qty. Available: 1

GREAT BRITAIN Victoria 1857 Sovereign EF -- #WC47515

AV Sovereign 22mm. 7.92g.

Head left.

Crowned arms within wreath.

S. 3852D; KM 736.1

EF.     0.2355 oz AGW.

$ 550.00

Qty. Available: 1

GREAT BRITAIN Victoria 1871 Half Sovereign EF -- #WC46318

AV Half Sovereign Tower mint, London

Young head

Second young head left..

Crowned arms; die number (58) below.

S. 3860C; KM 735.2 var. (does not list new legend orientation).

EF.     Lustrous. Scarce variety with nose pointing at 'T' in 'Victoria.' Light marks from circulation. The obverse legends were repositioned sometime late in 1871 and this style continued until part way through 1872. Because Victoria's nose points at the 'T' rather than 'O' in her name, Spink gives this variety a seperate listing.

$ 575.00

Qty. Available: 1

HONDURAS Republic 1902 Peso NGC EF-40 -- #WC52138

AV Peso

Arms within circle, bouquets flanking, banner and stars above.

Head left.

FR 7; KM 56

EF-40.   NGC   Rare type. Laminations.

$ 450.00

Qty. Available: 1

IRAN Saffarid Dynasty Shah Tahmasp I AH 930-989 (1524-1576) 1/4 Mithqal (Quarter Ashrafi) EF -- #WC23864

AV 1/4 Mithqal (Quarter Ashrafi) 14mm. 1.03g. Heart (Harat) mint


Arabic legend around hexilobe.

Album 2592 var.; MWI -

EF.     Attractive design. Slightly uneven strike.

$ 175.00

Qty. Available: 1

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