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Later Kidarites Jammu & Kashmir region: Vinayaditya Late 5th Century A.D. -- #BU50040


Late 5th Century A.D. Debased Gold Stater

Obv.: Abstracted king standing left before altar; 'Ka' in left field. 'Kidara Jaya'

Rev.: Degenerate rendering of goddess Ardoksho enthroned. 'Sri Vinaya Ditya'

Average weight: 7.6g. Average diameter: 20-22mm.

Mitchiner (ACW) 3656-3660

The Kidarite coinage developed from the later Kushano-Sasanian coinage of Northern India, resulting in a long line of coinage which gradually debased in both fineness and style. The final issues of Staters are apparently struck in nearly pure copper.

We were fortunate to acquire a small group of these late debased gold staters from India. These coins grade VF-EF and many still show some light adherence of dirt and minerals. Please see the photo at right for a typical example. Due to the hand manufacture of these pieces, yours will vary in appearance but will be of equal quality.

$ 95.00

Qty. Available: 8

Britain Trinovantes & Catuvellauni Cunobelin Circa 10-43 A.D. Quarter Stater -- #AC47119

AV Quarter Stater 1.33g. 16mm. Camulodunum Mint

Corn-ear; CA - MV to either side.

Horse prancing r., branch above; CVN below.

Van Arsdell 2015

VF. Attractively toned. Ex Davissons 24:13.

$ 675.00

Qty. Available: 1

Britain Uninscribed Geometric Type Circa 65-58 B.C. Quarter Stater -- #AC54563

AV Quarter Stater 1.42g. 11mm.

Boat with two occupants(?).

Cruciform design with various objects in angles.

S 46; ABC 767

EF. Lustrous.

$ 350.00


Theodosius II 408-450 A.D. Solidus--#AC52091

AV Solidus 22mm. 4.52g. Thessalonica Mint 424-430 A.D.

Helmeted facing bust with spear over shoulder, shield at right.

Emperor standing facing, holding standard and cross on globe; star in l. field; In ex.: TESOB

RIC X 363

Choice EF. Highly lustrous with a nice strike. Scarce.

$ 1500.00


Maurice Tiberius 582-602 AD Solidus--#AC54562

AV Solidus 22mm. 4.39g. Constantinople Mint. 583-601 AD

Facing cuirassed bust of Maurice Tiberius, wearing plumed helmet, holding globus cruciger.

Angel standing facing, holding globus cruciger and staff surmounted by Chi-Rho.

DOC I 5a.1; SB 478

EF. Highly lustrous. Essentially mint state. Struck a bit off center with some flat spots.

$ 450.00


Theophilus 829-842 AD Tremissis--#AC47655

AV Tremissis 11mm. 1.10g. Syracuse Mint Struck 831-842

Crowned facing bust, holding globus cruciger.

Crowned facing bust, holding globus cruciger.

DOC 27a.4; Anastasi 561; SB 1678; Berk 252

Superb EF. Struck on an oblong flan, but fully mint state. Flan flaw below bust on obverse.

$ 450.00


Constantine VII and Romanus I 913-959 A.D. Solidus--#AC52094

AV Solidus 20mm. 4.39g. Constantinople Mint 920-944 A.D.

Facing bust of Christ, nimbate, wearing pallium and colobium, raising r. hand, holding gospels in l. hand.

Facing busts of Constantine VII and Romanus II, both crowned and holding a patriarchal cross.
COnStAnt' CE ROmAn' Augg I R

SB 1751

Near EF. A few edge nicks.

$ 850.00

Qty. Available: 1

Zirids of Qayrawan al-Mu'izz bin Badis AH 407-454 (1016-1062) Dinar--#AC44993

AV Dinar 23mm. 3.96g. Madinat ‘Izz al-Islam wa’l-Qayrawan mint AH 444 (1052/1053)

Islamic inscription within circle; Islamic legend around.

Islamic inscription within circle; Islamic legend around.

Hazard 7; Album 458

EF. Nicely struck, with a tidy design. Flan slightly wavy. Qayrawan is located in modern day Tunisia and is now known as Kairouan. It is a recognized cultural capital and that of the Kairouan Governorate.

$ 575.00

Qty. Available: 1

Buyid (Buwayids) Baha al-Dawla AH 399 (1008/1009 AD) Pale Dinar--#AC27897

AV Pale Dinar 25mm. 3.99g. Suk-al Ahwaz mint

Arabic inscription in four lines; legend around.

Kalima in five lines; two line legend around.

Treadwell Su399G; Album 1573A

Good VF. Lightly toned, with a decent strike. Struck in 10K gold.

$ 135.00

Qty. Available: 1

Saffarid Khalaf bin Ahmad, in Rebellion AH 329-333 (941-945) Fractional Dinar--#AC38267

AV Fractional Dinar 13mm. 0.64g. Zaranj mint in Sijistan Dated H. 330 or 331

The Kalima.

Arabic legend.

Album K1414

Good VF. Very well struck. This piece was struck during the reign of Ahmad b. Muhammad, Abu Ja'far (H. 311-352, 923-963 AD). The coin cites only Khalaf and Caliph al-Muttaqi, ignoring the Prince's father, Ahmad.

$ 165.00


Burji Mamluks Qansuh II al-Ghuri 1501-1516 Ashrafi--#AC23867

AV Ashrafi 15mm. 3.39g. Dimashq (Damascus) Mint Dated AH 920

Arabic legend.

Inscription within polylobe.

Album 1041

VF. Partial weak strike. 0.08oz AGW.

$ 135.00


Paramaras of Vidarbha Jagadeva 12th Century AD Pagoda (Uniface)--#AC44987

AV Pagoda (Uniface) 20mm. 3.65g.

Four incuse punches: Sri Jagadeva in Nagari, pelleted ‘spearhead’, and two D-shaped designs with four pellets within.

Blank convex face showing striations from anvil.

Numismatic Digest 17 (1993), pp. 52-3; Chattopadhyaya 91

UNC. A most exceptional example with well-struck punches on the flan. This piece is from medieval India, but is cataloged as ancient by some numismatists.

$ 525.00


Sumatra Sultans of Samudra-Pasai Muhammad AH 696-726 (AD 1297-1326) Kupang--#AC24650

AV Kupang 10mm. 0.59g.

Arabic inscription within beaded circle.

Arabic inscription within beaded circle.

Mitchiner, SEA, 742-743

Choice EF. Rare. Light earthen encrustation. A rather small coin.

$ 175.00

Qty. Available: 1

Christian Kings Ebana (Esbael or Esbana) Circa 440-470 AD Unit (Tremissis?)--#AC44996

AV Unit (Tremissis?) 17mm. 1.52g.

Crowned bust right, holding fly whisk; grain ears flanking.

Draped bust right, wearing headcloth and holding fly whisk; grain ears flanking.

Hahn 34 var.; Munro-Hay type 71; BMC Axum 307

Superb EF. Strong legends. Apparently about mint state, but struck with rusted dies.

$ 750.00

Qty. Available: 1

CRUSADERS The Latin East Kingdom of Jerusalem Time of Baldwin III to Guy de Lusignan 11th-12th Century AD Bezant (Dinar) -- #ME54513

AV Bezant (Dinar) 22mm. 3.83g. Acre mint(?) Imitating Misr 2nd Phase, Circa 1148/59-1187

Nicely copied Cufic legends in concentric circles.

Nicely copied Cufic legends in concentric circles.

Balog & Yvonne 2 var. (slight legend differences); Metcalf LE 119ff.; CCS 3

Choice EF. Slightly double struck, with a scuff in the reverse field.

$ 575.00


CRUSADERS The Latin East Kingdom of Jerusalem County of Acre Imitating Ayyubid caliph al-Amir 11th-12th Century AD Bezant (Dinar) -- #ME54512

AV Bezant (Dinar) 22mm. 3.89g. Acre mint(?) Imitating Misr 3rd Phase, struck 1187-1260

Poorly rendered Cufic legends in concentric circles; pair of pellets below central inscription.

Poorly rendered Cufic legends in concentric circles.

Metcalfe LE 136 var. (pellets on reverse); CCS 5c var. (same)

EF. Choice strike for the type. An atypically light flan crack is noted. A 'Bezant' (Bisant or Besant), perhaps derived from 'Byzance' is a medieval merchant's name for any Arabic Dinar of the weight of a Byzantine solidus. The Crusader Bezants were probably named after the 'Saracenic Bezant', another current term for the coin. The two additional pellets below the central inscription make this coin an interesting variant that is seldom offered.

$ 625.00

Qty. Available: 1

CRUSADERS Tripoli Kings of Antioch imitating al-Mustansir 1152-1233 Bezant (Dinar) -- #ME45023

AV Bezant (Dinar) 24mm. 3.29g. Third phase, circa 1187 AD

Pseudo-Arabic inscription within two rings; legend around.

Pseudo-Cufic legends.

Balog & Yvon 7; Metcalf, Crusades 487; CCS 4a

Good VF. Scarce earlier type. Original flan crack from time of manufacture visible, but resealed by striking the coin. Caliph al-Mustansir ruled from 1036-1094. This earlier imitative type features obviously blocky calligraphy in the spirit of the original Islamic type, but blundered. It lacks the Cross, and letters B or T added later on more common types.

$ 675.00

Qty. Available: 1

GERMAN STATES Rheinland-Pfalz Trier Archbishopric Kuno II von Falkenstein 1362-1388 Goldgulden -- #ME54536

AV Goldgulden 22mm. 3.52g. Koblenz (Coblenz) mint Undated, struck 1366-1368

Arms within Gothic polylobe.

St. John the Baptist, standing facing, holding scepter cruciger and globus. Cruciform head of scepter forms initial in legend.

Felke 127; Noss 67; Fr. 3394

Choice EF. Bold strike details. Somewhat wavy, as is not unusual. This piece is equivalent to both the Venetian Ducat and the Florentine Florin, the latter which it joined with to form an early European monetary union.

$ 1650.00

Qty. Available: 1

ISLAMIC Almoravid North Africa & Iberia 'Ali b. Yusuf 1106-1142 AD Dinar -- #ME54538

AV Dinar 26mm. 4.13g. Aghmat mint in Morocco Dated AH 511 (1117/1118)

Arabic inscription; legend around, annulet above.

Arabic inscription; legend around.

Album 466.1; Hazard 163

EF. Mildly wavy or dented. This dynasty ruled the southern half of Spain and part of Portugal at the time of this coin's issue.

$ 950.00

Qty. Available: 1

ITALIAN STATES Papal States Rome Pope Nicholas V 1447-1455 Ducat (Ducato Papale) -- #ME54535

AV Ducat (Ducato Papale) 23mm. 3.49g. Rome mint

Mitre surmounting Papal arms.

St. Peter standing facing, holding key and gospels.

Muntoni 4; Berman 326; Biaggi 2161; Fr. 6

EF. Slightly bent as usual, with light scratch and a trace of encrustation.

$ 950.00

Qty. Available: 1

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