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GERMAN STATES Unsigned. Prussia Ca.1758 44mm Medal Good VF -- #EX73696

AE 44mm Medal 44mm. 31.68g.

Laureate 1/2 armored figure of Frederick II, 'The Great', right.

Eagle flying up toward radiant sun with face; all within inscribed ribbon.
E. lebe FRIDERICH: der Pressen Konig / nonSolicedit / VICTORIA: /DER / SIEG IST / DA

Olding 640a

Good VF. 'THE VICTORY IS THERE'; commemorating the Battle of Leuthen during the Seven Years War.

Frederick II, King of Prussia, always called Leuthen his greatest victory, as the Austrian Army was considered to be a highly professional force. With these victories, Frederick once again established himself as Europe's premier general and his men as Europe's most accomplished soldiers.

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