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Epeiros Uncertain Corinthian colony (Ambrakia?) Circa 360-338 B.C. Drachm NGC Good VF -- #AC77905

AR Drachm 14mm. 2.33g.

Pegasos flying l.; AGE below.

Head of nymph l., hair in sakkos, wearing earring and necklace; EP behind neck.

SNG Copenhagen 20 corr. (AGE, not monogram; same reverse die)

Good VF. NGC Attractively toned. Extremely rare. Good metal quality. Possibly the third known example. See CNG 36:1911 (misattributed as Agrinion in Aetolia) for what may be the 2nd published example of this type from the same die pair. NGC certified Choice VF*, 5/5, 5/5.

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